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Al Zarwa offers diverse cleaning and sanitation, maintenance, and installation services for various sectors including hotels, restaurants, and malls across the United Arab Emirates. We adopt standard procedures and protocols and best practices to ensure the efficiency and satisfaction of our clients.


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Maintenance & Cleaning

Al Zarwa has immense experience in cleaning and maintenance of kitchen exhaust systems, HVAC ducts and vents, water tanks and swimming pools in restaurants, hospitals and other institutions across UAE and Saudi Arabia.
The organization makes use of the most advanced cleaning tools and rotary machines to carry out services. Additionally, Al Zarwa adheres to industry compliances and regulations related to fire safety. It uses eco-friendly and harmless chemicals and disinfectants in all services.

Application Areas

Exhaust Systems

Our professional technicians begin by inspecting the working area and then performing the required cleaning and degreasing processes. On completion, the work is certified by Al Zarwa.

HVAC Ducts

We use the latest technologies and advanced machinery to clean air ducts and vents. Our technicians ensure the cleaning of even the most remote areas while avoiding contamination of surroundings.

Water Tanks

Al Zarwa boasts a team of well trained and experienced professionals who carry out cleaning and sanitation of water tanks. We make use of approved chemicals and eco-friendly techniques.

Swimming Pools

Al Zarwa specializes in cleaning swimming pools. The comprehensive procedure involves PH balancing, anti-alkalinity and algae removal using chemicals.

Pest Control

We offer pest control services to restaurants, hotels and other industries to eliminate rodents and other harmful insects. Tough and high-quality chemicals are used to guarantee effective work.


Al Zarwa specializes in the installation of HVAC Ducts, Aluminum claddings & A/C units and chillers. We implement professional & quality services provided by a highly skilled and motivated team.

Application Areas

HVAC Ducts & Exhaust Systems

Al Zarwa undertakes installation of all types of ducts – square, circular, rectangular. Our skilled team prepares drawings based on client inputs and uses high-quality material in installation.

Aluminium Cladding

We also install all types of duct and pipe claddings. We make use of premium quality aluminum and promise clean and fine finishing.

AC Units

Installations of AC Units is one of AL Zarwa’s fortes. Our experienced engineers specialize in the installation of all types of AC Units in the commercial as well as residential sectors.

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